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From the Odd Box vaults volume 2: The Wednesday Club
Wednesday 26th December 2012: From the Odd Box vaults volume 2: The Wednesday Club
Wednesday 26th December 2012

The second of our irregular 'features' on releases from yesteryear. This time we've got The Wednesday Club.  Their 'Katapult' album was their 3rd release. It came out at the tail end of 2009. The band gave up playing live shows just after this album was released. We pressed 200 of these. Until recently long gone - but during an Odd Box clean up we found a remaining box of 25. They're for sale on the website for just £3. We've also upload to our bandcamp where you can download the LP on a pay what you want deal. 

The Wednesday Club (A.J. Miller, E.Max Broady, John Perry and sometimes Jack Rutter) began as a bedroom based recording project in 2004, expanding in 2007 to a full band and then giving up playing live and slinking back to the bedroom in 2009.

The product of 3 distinct singer/songwriters each bringing their own spin on indie-pop, but coming together through a shared love of the absurd. Often filtering bleak subject matter through catchy, concise pop songs and informed by a belief that clever and stupid are equally valid methods of expression.

They have “released” 3 albums No, You Broke Jo’s Amp! (2007 – Doot Doot), Soap (2008 - Doot Doot), Katapult (2009 – OddBox Records) and the recent albums So Claw and Sour Crow on their own Cath’n'Dad Records in 2011. A new album is planned for 2013. They will also be back playing a one off show for this year's Odd Box Weekender.

Praise for Katapult:

“a treasure trove of great sounds” – SoundsXP
“joyful, absurd, spirit raising on a gloomy day, abundantly melodic, super eclectic” – Kitten Painting blog
“doesn’t set a foot wrong” – Sheffield Phonograph Corporation
“ramshackle yet lovely pop all round” – Russel’s Reviews
“Katapult’ is a triumph in simply doing what you like and having fun in the process” -LeedsMusicScene
“Something in here for even the coldest heart” – Fire Escape Talking
“The choir repeating ‘Fuck the world’ is actually lovely” – God Is In The TV

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